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Advanced Materials for Additive Manufacturing

AM 4 AM is a luxembourgish start-up dedicated to the development of materials for additive manufacturing applications


Interview 3D adept media

11, October 2019

Want to know a little bit more about our philosophy, strategy and forthcoming objectives? Maxime Delmée, our CEO, gave an interview to 3D adept media about our vision! The article is online!



AM 4 AM is a Luxembourgish start-up dedicated to the development of new materials for additive manufacturing. AM 4 AM filed a patent on a new green process of powder modification for additive manufacturing applications.

The range of materials processable by additive manufacturing is currently narrow. AM 4 AM has the ambition to enlarge this panel to provide new solutions and enhance the expansion of the additive manufacturing technologies. AM 4 AM is already developing a high mechanical strength aluminum alloy powder (similar to Al 7075) for the aeronautic and aerospace sectors.

The world needs greener technologies for industries, travels and way of life. Today, AM 4 AM is investing huge efforts to provide materials produced in a green way for aeronautic sector leading to lighter aircraft to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.



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