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We create
AM materials that will shape the future

Creating advanced and high-performance materials for Additive Manufacturing to support the 4.0 industry expansion and decrease its carbon footprint


Our Product

High-performance aluminum alloy specifically designed for additive manufacturing

Issued from a collaboration between AM 4 AM, Sirris and LIST, HiperAl powder, processed by additive manufacturing, generates crack-free parts with best-in-class mechanical properties.

HiperAl is dedicated to space, aeronautic and automotive lightweight applications.


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Our product

425 MPa

Yield Strength

465 MPa

Ultimate Tensile Strength


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Our Technology

How our innovative technology is changing the game

AM 4 AM is a cutting-edge company dedicated to the development of new materials specifically designed for additive manufacturing.

Our patented cold plasma process provides extra properties to conventional materials and is extending the range of AM materials.

High performance

Our plasma process increases the performance and adds new properties to conventional materials

Reliable supply-chain

Our materials are not based on expensive and highly difficult to extract alloying element such as scandium

Circular at heart

Our process is eco-friendly and our development are and will be done with a circular vision

Fast development

Our technology allows a short time of development and a great adaptability to customers needs

Our Technology

Circularity at heart

A complete circular economic process

We are obsessed with environmental issues and sustainability. Creating a greener material, more resistant, and more efficient.

Recycling, trash valorization & waste reduction

during the additive manufacturing of complex & light part

Low CO2 emission & reduction of launch cost

Lighter engine, enhance efficiency and reduction of CO2 emission

Our Expertise

Industries we serve

HiperAl powder is suitable for industries that require an excellent compromise between mechanical strength and lightweight such as automotive, aeronautic, and space.

Moreover, we will provide tailored solutions to our customers in order to support their transition towards additive manufacturing with the most suitable materials


We are currently working on various automotive projects for renowned entities in the automotive sector.



We are currently working on various aeronautic projects for renowned entities in the aeronautic sector.



We are currently working on various space projects for renowned entities in the space sector.


Our Expertise

Latest News

What we’ve been up to

Latest News

About us

From innovative ideas to deep-tech and high-performance materials

Based on observations done during his Ph.D. thesis, Maxime Delmée founded AM 4 AM in 2019.

We develop best-in-class metal powder for additive manufacturing allowing us to produce parts with unprecedented properties valued in our target industries.

AM 4 AM' vision is focused on three major values:

  • High performance​

  • Clean Industry

  • Circular and responsible production

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