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A small chat with... Daniel Biedermann, Advisor at AM 4 AM

At the end of 2022 we had the pleasure to welcome 3 new advisors in the company to strengthen and enlarge our field of competencies. Here is another one : Daniel Biedermann!

Daniel, can you describe yourself shortly?

My name is Daniel Biedermann, I am a Space Ecosystem Investment Partner, as well as advisor and coach on strategy, business development and operations.

I gained operational experience during more than 30 launch missions at the French Guiana launch centre. During my time at global satellite operator SES, I developed successful strategic plans and investment cases for satellite projects and related businesses, established partnerships and joint ventures, managed global strategy, M&A and Innovation teams, worked in cross-functional project environments and enabled decision-making in complex situations.

More recently I have focused my time on investment opportunities in the Space sector.

How did you heard about AM 4 AM?

I got to Max and Andy during their participation in the Luxembourg Fit 4 Start acceleration programme, where I acted as their Lead coach.

What do you find exciting in the company?

I expect 3D printing to become an essential building block of a multitude of industries, including Space, Aeronautics, Defense, Motor sport and high volume automotive, to name just a few.

For AM 4 AM this is a great opportunity to position itself as a reliable participant in the supply chain.

How are you helping the company?

I expect to support the leadership team in the following areas: Corporate strategy, strategic and business partner relations, build and maintain relationships with industry and Space Agencies, team development and mentoring.

What are your expectations in this adventure?

I would like to see AM 4 AM to grow into a SME that will become indispensable for the success of many critical supply chains in key high-tech industries.

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