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A small chat with... Peter Dooley, Advisor at AM 4 AM

At the end of 2022 we had the pleasure to welcome 3 new advisors in the company to strengthen and enlarge our field of competencies. Here is a short interview with the first one : Peter Dooley!

Peter, can you describe yourself shortly?

I am Peter Dooley, CEO of Cleancarb. I have got a BSc in Physics and Chemistry and I have over 35 years of engineering experience in automotive, energy and aerospace industries.

I am a keen start-up seed investor and I enjoy travelling, swimming, walking and motorcycling.

How did you heard about AM 4 AM?

I heard about AM 4 AM in 2020 from Emmanuel Bidaine, a former colleague of Maxime Delmée at LIST.

What do you find exciting in the company?

The thing I find the most exciting in this company is the fact that AM 4 AM is working on a future and emerging technology.

Then, the team is young and very enthusiastic. I see a great potential to ramp up a new production process and become a key player in the production of metal powders for 3D printing.

Moreover, I think there is a huge possibility for the company to diversify into other areas and sectors.

How are you helping the company?

I give my best business advice and share the experience I have learnt as an entrepreneur over the past 20 years.

I also propose to assist the team with any technical areas and ideas where I can use my years of experience in engineering.

What are your expectations in this adventure?

I expect that AM 4 AM will outgrow their current production capacity in 1 to 2 years and further expand their business with higher capacity.

I am convinced about AM 4 AM's strategy to look at optimizing different materials in line with market demands and I am expecting the company to have a large materials portfolio in the near future.

Finally, I would expect that AM 4 AM will diversify the company activities and materials into other areas of material science and production.

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